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Take a look at the Community Krowd - your free messaging system for communities, furloughed staff and volunteer groups
Free means no profiling or tracking either - and no ads. Really Free.

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Communities are coming together, but messaging systems often need you to share personal information you’d rather not in normal times such as phone numbers or contact lists, plus some don’t, rightly, trust most social platforms and just don’t or won’t use them.

For communities to digitally connect they need a messaging system they can trust. Try the Krowd for your community.


Krowdthink Ltd
COVID-19 Update

We spun out Community Krowd as our way to support people in lockdown.

We pay the only cost involved – the Amazon cloud server costs. It’s our digital charitable contribution.

We are also working on digital group therapy for the isolated anxious – get in contact if that’s of interest.

Want to find a good home for your cash that usually goes towards your commute?

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We stand together, yet socially distanced.

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