Aurora Ceremonies

I am a qualified, experienced, Independent Life Celebrant covering Exeter, East & Mid Devon. I create funeral, wedding, vow renewal and baby naming services that are personal, full of heart and one of a kind.

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Sharing the important events in our lives is one of the beautiful parts of human connection.

Whether it’s welcoming a new baby, celebrating love or commemorating the life of someone close to us – ceremonies bring meaning to our lives.

Many people are unaffiliated to a particular religion and are, quite rightly, looking for something different – a ceremony that represents who they are.I respect all spiritual beliefs, and those with none. Working with a Life Celebrant gives you the best of all worlds – you can choose exactly which elements work for you. If you’re an Atheist but you loved a hymn from school assembly, we can include it. If you’re spiritual, we can include rituals that touch your soul. And if the only idol you worship is Elvis, we can probably squeeze that in too!


Aurora Ceremonies
COVID-19 Update

I am offering online ceremonies, bringing friends and families together using the power of Zoom. Whether your wedding has been postponed and you’d still like to mark the day or you have lost someone and can’t come together for the funeral they deserve – I can help with a bespoke, remote ceremony.

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