Helpline is a nurse-led organisation, passionate about helping the elderly and vulnerable remain independent in their own homes. Helpline provide the pendant alarm service, providing peace of mind to customers and their families.

Call now on: 03458 247 999

Helpline provides the pendant alarm service, the red button that can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, and in the event of a fall or medical emergency, the button can be pressed to get help. The button triggers a call to the emergency monitoring centre, where operators trained in emergency recognition, will react according to the need – maybe to call a family member to assist, or the emergency services.

Helpline have a strong local presence in Exeter and the South West and provide the service Nationwide.

We take referrals from hospitals, facilitating timely discharge, from health care workers and family members.

Helpline welcome enquiries from anyone concerned about an elderly or vulnerable member of the community.


COVID-19 Update

All members of the Helpline family, continue to be monitored 24/7. No interruption to this service.

For new customers, we are sending out equipment specially prepared for self-installation.

We are waiving the standard minimum term so new customers do not feel they have to commit long term.

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