CEDA is an Exeter based charity working with disabled adults and children.

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CEDA was established in 1988 by parents who wanted purposeful and fun activities for their disabled children. This ethos is at the heart of everything they do and each person has their own development plan and is supported to achieve their own personal goals. CEDA has a ‘can do’ approach founded on the belief that barriers are obstacles to be overcome and that, by working creatively together, we can make what seems impossible become possible.

CEDA prides themselves on listening to their members and families, doing all they can to support them in every aspect of their lives. CEDA have supported people to move home, to appropriately challenge their families, to end difficult relationships and contest professional decisions that adversely affect their lives, helping each person to find their own voice in an often frightening and disempowering environment.


COVID-19 Update

During this time, CEDA are working hard to continue offering services in a number of creative and alternative ways. 1-1 support is still being offered to those CEDA members that have been identified as the most vulnerable and in need. Educational opportunities are being offered to all CEDA members using social media platforms and zoom, these are proving very popular and have proved vital to keep individuals mental health and wellbeing positive.  CEDA have been able to support those isolated through remote 1-1 catch ups with CEDA enablers and ensure they remain safe and secure. You can support CEDA to continue these services by donating online via the website.

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