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Hi! We normally offer face to face learning sessions in and around Exeter that are short, interactive and designed to embed soft and adaptive skills such as resilience and communication.

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Rob Warner, Vice-Chancellor at Marjon University (in somewhere called Plymouth, sorry!) recently said to me “the key thing missing now in people entering the workforce is no longer technical skills, but adaptive skills. The ones that enable people to communicate effectively and to adjust quickly to new circumstances and challenges”

Our programmes are normally two or three sessions a week or two apart.

Each session lasts 90 minutes. We reckon that’s the right length for people to retain what they are learning, in an interactive session that they can put into effect immediately.

We can do a learning needs analysis first, or, if you prefer, dive straight into a number of off-the-shelf programmes.


Minerva Lifelong Learning
COVID-19 Update

The present crisis has brought this into sharp focus. Ironically, we at Minerva are used to delivering programmes face-to-face and so we – like everyone else – are challenged by the circumstances!
But we can use technology to deliver both one-to-many and also one-to-one coaching support.

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